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Da Nu Book Called The Valleys of Time / Новата книга Долините на времето

Ladiez & gentlemen. Da nu book by Liubomir Manolov: The Valleys of Time – a collection of real life storiez from da timez of da Red Terror – will B soon available on da market. These storiez come from da descendantz of those killed & repressed by da so called “Court of the People” & [...]

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Da DST & Da Bird & Proletarii Nu Song Comez / Очаквайте новото парче на DST, Da Bird и Пролетарии

Ladiez & gentlemen, recently Da Small Tragoediaz have done collaborationz with people diggin’ deep inside da dubstep & techno muzic. Now it`s time 4 them 2 do some cooperation with some dudez playin’ in death metal & dark wave sectorz. Da Bird, da frontman of Sofia mobile carnage Hatebomb (ex Old Evil), is da guest [...]

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